In the latest Zerto version 9 Update 1 release and above the Zerto VRAs can now provide enhanced alerts for storage latency and MTU issues. However these alerts can cause the associated VRA and VPG entities to be in a warning or error state even though they are in fact replicating OK and have no failover issues.

For example.

...has reduced storage throughput due to high storage latency. This may impair replication performance. 


Using the Tweak Tool, the following VRA tweaks can be applied to silence these alerts.

Note. These tweaks do not require a reboot/restart of the VRA and come into effect immediately once applied.



Storage Disk Latency

t_isEnabledHighStorageLatencyAlert = false


MTU Issues

t_isEnabledMtuConnectionFailAlert = false


t_isEnabledMtuMismatchAlert = false

Malformed Packet Issues

t_isEnabledMalformedPacketAlert = false

Tweak Tool

To obtain the Zerto Tweak tool please contact AssureStor Support