After performing a VPG Failover Test, when the test is stopped one or more VMs are not removed cleanly from the VMware environment. When you try to manually delete the VM from vCenter the option to 'Delete' is greyed out.



When Zerto creates a VM as part of an automated process it locks the VM ensuring only Zerto components can control the associated VM/s


  1. Download the file to a tempdirectory on a machine that can access the vCenter
  2. Extract the archive
  3. Run it as follows, where 'VM moref' is e.g. vm-123
    EnableVM <VC IP> < VCadmin user> <VM moref>
  4. The tool will ask you for the password with which to connect to the vCenter, and it should then unblock the VM.
  5. If you use vCloud Director you may also need to force delete any associated vApps created by the failover test.