The Zerto Job Manager is a lightweight .net Windows Service that is deployed on one or more CSP (Cloud Service Provider) ZVM/s.The service is then configured with connection details to access:

  1. The my2cloud portal API services.
  2. The local ZVM API services.
  3. The associated local ZVM vCenter.

Configuration of the service is performed using the Job Manager Control Panel application.

Note. All locally stored passwords are secured through encryption and stored in the Job Manager ‘ini’ file

By default, the service will then poll the my2cloud portal for ‘Jobs’ that it will download and process locally, sending status updates and job completion data back to the my2cloud portal. No personal identifiable data is transmitted to or from the my2cloud portal in this process, for more information see the following sections detailing the API JSON schemas used.

Job Schema

Job Status Updates Schema

Zerto Failover Test Results Schema