AssureStor Resource Monitor Logger

The AssureStor Resource Monitor Logger is a small application that you can run on demand to track and log a Windows systems resource usage. The tool will track by default the CPU usage and Available Memory, with an option to also track free drive space. All usage statistics are displayed to the console in a human readable format as well as being recorded to a log file in JSON format.

NOTE. This application requires .net 4.6.1 to be installed, if this is not already installed the zip file includes the Microsoft Web Installer for .net 4.6.1

The tool can be run with no parameters, this will then log CPU and Memory usage for the default 24 hour (1440 minutes) period.

Additionally the following command line parameters are available...

  • -d
    Enable drive space logging, by default this will log the free drive space of ALL drives.
  • -l X
    Restrict drive space logging to a specific drive letter.
    Where X is the specific drive letter to be monitored for free space, such as C, D, etc.
  • -t XX
    Run the application for the specified duration.
    Where XX is a integer specifying the number of minutes for the app to run, such as 60 (1 hour), 240 (4 hours), etc.

(1.62 MB)

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