vSphere Client (HTML5, vSphere 6.5 and later)

  1. Start the vSphere Client and log into the vCenter Server system.
  2. In the Hosts and Clusters view, Select the vCenter Server object that contains the ESXi hosts from which you want to export logs.
  3. Either:
  4. Right-click the vCenter Server object and select Export System Logs..., or
  5. Select the ACTIONS link and select Export System Logs...
  6. Select the ESXi hosts from which you want to export logs.
  7. Select the Include vCenter Server and vSphere UI Client logs option.
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. Select Gather performance data to include performance data information in the log files.

Note: You can update the duration and interval time between which you want to collect the data. Here also you can see an option for entering a password for encrypted core dumps.


Click the EXPORT LOGS button to save the bundle to your local computer.

Note: The host or vCenter Server generates .zip bundles containing the log files. The Recent Tasks panel shows the Generate diagnostic bundles task in progress.

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