DR Invocation Process

Modified on Fri, 29 Dec 2023 at 09:28 AM

Stage 1: Disaster Recovery Invocation Request

To request a Disaster Recovery Invocation for a supported 2Cloud service first call the 2Cloud Invocation contact centre using the following number:
+44 161 820 5941 (365x24x7)

The contact centre will answer the call and confirm the following details with the caller:

Callers NameYour full name
Company NameYour full company name
Company IDThis will match your my2cloud URL prefix xxx.my2cloud.net
Mobile NumberThis number will be used by the Recovery Specialist to call you back on.
Email Address This should be the same email assigned to your My2Cloud user account.
Type of Disaster
  • Full site outage
  • Partial site outage
  • Single server outage
  • Ransomware Infection
  • Other, please describe the disaster event


Note. If this request is being used as part of a scheduled fire-drill test please ensure you specify the Type of Disaster as a full site outage.

Once the contact centre has all the required information  they will then escalate the DR Invocation request to an on-call Recovery Specialist for urgent attention.
(target call back: <1 hour)

Stage 2: Disaster Recovery Invocation Verification

Recovery Specialist will call back the caller on the mobile number provided and verify the callers identity using their DR Invocation question & answer held in the My2Cloud Portal.

Only authorised users with DR invocation rights can use this service, your My2Cloud user profile MUST be updated with a valid DR Invocation question & answer to ensure we can verify your identity. If your account is missing these details, or if you fail security verification your will NOT be able to proceed and request any DR support.

After successfully being verified the Recovery specialist will start the Disaster Recovery Invocation process.

Stage 3: Disaster Recovery Invocation

During this stage the Recovery specialist will verify the caller has access to any applicable service portals that will be used during the Invocation process.

The Recovery Specialist will also collect any other details specific to the Invocation request such as systems to be recovered, order of priority, etc.

Once Recovery has been started the Recovery specialist will continue to liaise with the caller until all requested systems are available again through the applicable 2Cloud service.

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