To collect a log bundle, you should firstly go to the Start menu and go to Zerto Virtual Replication > Zerto Diagnostics.

Now continue with the default selection:

In the next window, enter AssureStor as the company name, and as the company email. You will also select the timeframe for the log collection, and also enter the case number that we will provide to you.

It will now connect to the ZVM. This could take a few minutes.

Now, it will show you all active alerts on your ZVM. If one of these alerts/errors are in relation to the issue you're experiencing, select it.

Now select any VPGs that you wish to diagnose:

Now select the sites you wish to capture:

Now select the VRAs that you wish to capture logs for:

Now select if you'd like to collect hypervisor and host logs:

Now select the appropriate options on the following screen:

Now choose where to save the logs, and upload them to the EMEA server:

A summary screen will now show where you can start the log collection.