In some cases, you may wish to restore an older version of a backed up file. (e.g. If you discover that files after a certain date are corrupted, or if you wish to restore a project that requires files from the same backup session. The number of generation online depends on the backup set option settings, as well as the number of backups performed and the frequency of changes to the backup file.) 


The following dialogs are accessible from the Restore Wizard. (The path to get to the dialog is shown in parentheses beneath the dialog title.) 

Select by Generation

  • Restore menu > Restore Now > Show Files > File Info
  • Highlight the desired generation of the file from the list and click on Select.
  • The Restore Wizard returns to the Select Files and Directories Tab, with your selection market with a checkbox.
  • The directory list refreshes automatically to show files backed up at the time of the selected generation. 

Select by Backup Time

  • Restore menu > Restore Now > Advanced 

Note. When you select a specific file generation, the display is changed to reflect only the backed up data from that selected generation.