If a BLM export has been requested from the backup2cloud platform, either for an ah-hoc data export or due to a client leaving the platform, the export process will require that a suitable NAS device is supplied for the exported data to be stored upon.

Please ensure that the supplied NAS unit meats the following minimum specifications and is pre-configured as shown below…

Asigra NAS Export Unit Minimum Requirements

  • 1000Base-T NIC
  • Supports NFS3 shares
  • Supports CIFS/SMB Shares
  • Should have capacity of at least 1.5X the estimated export size

Asigra NAS Export Unit Pre-Configuration Requirements

The NAS unit should be pre-configured as follows

  • Setup with suitable complex login credentials
    Please ensure these credentials are shared with AssureStor via a suitable secure method
  • NIC should be setup for auto negotiation
  • IP should be set for DHCP
  • NAS unit disk/s should be formatted and ready for operation
  • A NFS share ‘export’ should be configured with root R/W access to ALL