Scenario #1: 

Backup of any Unix server via Linux/MAC DS-Client using Unix-SSH backup sets. 

Scenario #2: 

Backup of Solaris servers via Linux /MAC DS-Client using Unix-SSH backup sets. When the Unix-SSH backup set is created, provide username and password and "su" to root and root password.  


Scenario #1

SSH Backup Sets may experience backup failures if the perl/python binary cannot be located using the path environment variable. In previous versions of the software, the DS-Client searched by default for the Perl path in several standard locations. The search for Perl/Python binaries is not performed starting with v.6.2 SP1. 

Scenario #2: 

a) The sudo is not found on source computer. 

b) the csh or tcsh is used on the source computer, shells that are not supported  


Scenario #1

Starting with v.6.2 Service Pack 1, this search is not performed (Perl/Python are executed directly) and if the path environment variable is not configured, the SSH backup activities will fail. If you experience such failures, the user has 2 options: - add Perl/Python in the default search path on the target computer (check that "ssh -l perl" works from the DS-Client machine) or - configure the Perl's/Python's full path on the target machine in the backup set's "Advanced Connection" dialog -> "Interpreter/Program path" option. 

Scenario #2: 

a) Identify the path to sudo: - Run the command which sudo - Create a soft link to the path returned by the command above( e.g. to /usr/local/bin): sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/sudo /usr/bin 

b) use sh