When trying to start the DS-Client or DS-User you get the following error.

The DS-Client is in standby mode because the database number does not match with the one required by the service! DS-Client will try to connect to DS-System to download an upgrade. Please wait until the upgrade has finished or run the upgrade manually.

This error is typically seen when an auto-upgrade package has not been applied correctly.


The database will need to be manually patched with the correct .sql files located in the Ds-Client\db folder

From a command line (with administrator rights) run the following command:

sqlcmd -S myServer\instanceName -i dscpxxx.sql


myServer = SQL Server name (localhost if you are running the command on the SQL server)

instanceName = database instance name if applicable (default for a standard install is SQLEXPRESS

dscpxxx.sql = applicible DS-Client SQL patch file


.sql patch files MUST be applied in the correct sequence.

It is recommended to take an SQL backup prior to running any script files on your production BaaS database.