How to migrate DS-Client with embedded PostgreSQL database from one computer to another

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2024 at 12:02 PM

1. On the original (old) DS-Client go in DS-User > help > about DS-User > DS-Client info, and make a note of the version and hotfix number (top row called 'DS-Client version');

2. Install on the new server the same version of DS-Client using the same CRI info and encryption keys (if the keys were forwarded to DS-System, there is an option to include them in the CRI file when exporting it from DS-Operator).

- apply the same DS-Client hotfix on the new server as the one that was visible at step #1 on the old server.

3. At a time when no activities are running on the old DS-Client, run a daily admin (DS-User > Setup > System Activities > Run now Daily Admin);

It is recommended to disable scheduled activities in the same place before triggering the daily admin so that no activities are running while the daily admin  runs.

4. Once the daily admin completed, go to Start > Administrative Tools > Services and stop the two services called DS-Client and then DS-Client-PostgreSQL, set also the start type for them to 'Disabled';

5. Register the DS-Client on the new box with DS-System:

- In DS-Operator > right click on that DS-Client > Hardware Registration > Tick 'Register with DS-Client Hardware Reset'

- then on the new server go in DS-User > Setup > Configuration, click on 'Register Now' (this second operation in DS-User needs to be done within the time period set in DS-Operator, default 5 min).

6. Test the connection to DS-System: DS-User > Setup > View Quotas, the Quotas settings will be displayed, it means the connection to DS-System works fine.

7. Recover DS-Client databases on the new server:

In DS-User > Setup > System Activities > Repair DS-Client Database > Recover DS-Client  database, the DS-Client database dumps that were sent to DS-System from the old server are now downloaded in the new server, when prompted to restart the DS-Client service just do so, then check operating system event log (application) for an entry like 'Finished DS-Client database recovery';

It is very important to not restart the DS-Client service again (e.g. second time) until this event is displayed in the operating system event log, otherwise the loading of the dumps will be interrupted and the whole process must be done again from step #3 (DS-Client will have to be uninstalled first on the new server);

8. Try to connect with DS-User, a message should be displayed that the computer name has been changed and setup is needed to be run, this is expected, just follow the instructions from the next step.

9. Run Grid configuration tool (setup) via Start > all Programs > Asigra DS-Client > Grid DS-Client Configuration Tool, just go next through all panes (no need to change anything).

10. Once the Grid configuration tools was run successfully, DS-Client should be up and running, in DS-User you should see back all backup sets, schedules, retentions as they were visible on the old server, if there were some backup sets created using 'My Computer' on the old server, you will need to migrate them (e.g. you still want to backup that data from the old server, in that case just right click on such set in DS-User > Migrate).

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