Only authorised users with DR invocation rights can use this service, your service desk account MUST be updated with a valid DR Invocation question & answer to ensure we can verify your identity. If your account is missing these details, or if you fail security verification your will NOT be able to proceed and request any DR support.

Activation Notice Telephone Number (24 / 7 / 365)

+44 161 820 5941

DR Invocation Process

  • Client Authorised Staff Member calls the Activation Notice Telephone Number.
  • Service Provider Contact Centre will answer call and confirm the following details with the caller:
    • Callers Name
    • Company Name
    • Mobile Number
      This number will be used by the Recovery Specialist to call back on.
    • Email Address 
      Invocation request acknowledgement will be sent to this email, should be an address that is available.
    • Type of Disaster
      For example, full site outage, partial site outage, single server outage, ransomware infection, etc.
  • Service Provider Contact Centre will then escalate the DR Invocation request to an on-call Recovery Specialist for urgent attention (target call back: <1 hour).
  • Recovery Specialist will call back the Client Authorised Staff Member on the mobile number provided and verify:
    • The caller has DR Invocation rights for their company.
    • The DR Invocation secret answer to confirm the callers identity.
  • After successful verification the Recovery Specialist will work with the Client Authorised Staff  Member to initiate the recovery process through to confirmation of all required systems being recovered and accessible.