If the backup is interrupted (e.g. the connection to DS-System is lost), DS-Client will attempt to reconnect for a specified number of times (DS-User Menu > Configuration > Parameters > Scheduled backups) in order to resume the backup. Block-Level Resume allows the scheduled backup to continue the backup from the last successful file block backed up in the session. The benefit increases with the size of the file being backed up. (For example: without this feature, backup of a large file that is interrupted because of a slow / poor connection would have to restart from the beginning of the file.)

Block-Level Resume applies to:

  • Big files (files larger than 100MB).
  • Scheduled backups.

For Windows DS-Client: 

This solution applies to File System backup sets, and to other backup sets that use the DS-Client Buffer (See 'DS-Client Buffer'.):

  • File System backup sets.
  • Permissions backup sets.
  • SQL backup sets using DS-Client buffer.
  • Exchange backup sets using DS-Client buffer.
  • Oracle backup sets using DS-Client buffer.
  • E-Mail backup sets using DS-Client buffer.
  • System i Server backup sets using DS-Client buffer.

For Linux DS-Client: 

File System backup sets can resume at block-level for the following backup set types:

  • Local File System
  • NFS

Note: When Block-Level Resume does not apply, the resume will occur at file-level.