How to reset NSX-T Edge Appliance passwords

Modified on Sat, 23 Sep 2023 at 04:55 PM

  1. Set a boot delay for the NSX-T Appliance VM
    Changing the VM boot delay in vCenter gives you a bit more time
  2. Open a console to the appliance
  3. Boot / reboot the NSX appliance
  4. Press and hold “Esc” or “Shift” during the POST
  5. The GRUB boot menu is shown and press a key within 30 sec. to prevent auto booting the NSX appliance
  6. Press “e” to edit the GRUB boot loader config

  7. Enter “root” as GRUB user and “VMware1” as password
  8. Search for the line that starts with “linux /vmlinuz…” and add the following to the end of that line “systemd.wants=PasswordRecovery.service
  9. Press “Ctrl – X” to boot the appliance
  10. Change the appliance root password
  11. Login with the root account and change the password of the local admin and audit accounts
    passwd admin
    passwd audit
  12. Login with the admin account and disable password expiration
    clear user admin password-expiration
    clear user root password-expiration
    clear user audit password-expiration

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