Currently, when you run the reconfiguration via the diagnostics tool in Zerto 9.5 ZVM, it doesn't actually perform the operation, and/or it indicates that files are missing, depending on the platform on which you perform the operation.


When you run the reconfiguration via the diagnostics tool in Zerto 9.5, you cannot perform a reconfiguration on the ZVM successfully.

Root Cause

Zerto moved from .NET framework to .NET core. 

  • All DLLs in the ZVM installation folder are now set to .NET core. 
  • However, some old projects (mainly those with their own window) are still using .NET framework.
  • To avoid file conflicts we relocated the .NET framework files. 
The diagnostics utility looks for files within the same folder that it is located. Because we relocated the files, the files cannot be found which affects reconfiguration.
  • In Hyper-V the issue is more evident because the reconfigure cannot be complete with the 'ScvmmVersionChecker'.


This bug will be resolved in version 9.5u2.

The workaround in versions 9.5/9.5u1 is to copy (not transfer) the following files from the Zerto install folder (the root directory with all the files and subfolders) to the Diagnostics subfolder in the same root directory:

For all platforms

  • supported_updates.txt
  • tweaks.txt
  • Secrets (entire folder)
  • storage_properties.xml

Hyper-V specific additional files

  • ScvmmVersionChecker.exe
  • ScvmmVersionChecker.exe.config
  • ScvmmVersionChecker.pdb
  • SCVMM (entire folder)
  • Checker.dll (the one in the Zerto install folder, not one of those in the SCVMM subfolders) 

After the files are copied, you should be able to reconfigure the ZVM properly.