An administrator my receive an error when trying to reconfigure a ZVM being managed by an SCVMM.


The below error message is reported when trying to perform a reconfigure on a ZVM that is managing an SCVMM environment:

User-added image

Root Cause

This all relates to the sign in and authentication process. We set it to 1, Negotiation, the simplest and least secure method. The default for Zerto is 25, which adds Signing and Sealing to the authentication. Something connected to AD appears to be getting in the way of one of those processes.

You can gather further info 


To resolve the issue we need to engage tweak: t_directoryServiceValidateContextOptions to the ZVM and set it to 1

If you have an issue with ZVM\ZCA:

1.Request access to the tweak tool via the service desk.

2. Extract it on the desktop of the ZVM / ZCA.

3. From the folder where you expanded the tweaks tool, run TweaksTool.exe

4. Once the tool opens you can add the t_directoryServiceValidateContextOptions tweak with a value of 1.

5. Reboot the ZVM / ZCA Service.