1. Run daily/weekly admin to create latest dump in DS-System

2. Record the exact Hotfix number for both DS-User and DS-Client

3. Run the same version of DS-Client installer over current existing installation, this will stop DS-Client service automatically

4. Keep everything as is, except for the page where you can specify a different drive for the DB, change the drive and finish the installation

5. Start the service. If service failed to start, review the Windows Event Log (Application & System) for the relevant errors and adjust accordingly.

6. Manual apply the Hotfix that recorded in step 2

You should have the new database directory in the drive you specified in step 4.

For example:

If you originally had it in "C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\ds-pg-database", the installer should be able to move it and it will end up to "E:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\ds-pg-database"