VMware issue, where the vCenter doesn't contain the relevant information about a specific host, and as a result, when the ZVM is getting the reflection from the vCenter, the information will also be missing. 


The ZVM UI will display an error:
Failed to collect metadata for host: {HostName}.

Root Cause

vCenter is not getting information from that particular host.

If the vCenter doesn't have the relevant data, then when the ZVM will attempt to get the reflection from vCenter, the data will also be missing. 


In order to resolve this issue, try the following steps:

  1. Browse to the vCenter MOB for this host, you will probably find that the object "HostConfigInfo" is empty. If so, that is what causing the alert to appear in Zerto.
  2. Reboot the host and see if the reflection information will become populated to vCenter MOB. 
  3. If the correct information is present within the vCenter MOB, you can try to re-synchronize the reflection information between Zerto and vCenter by restating the ZVM service. 
    Note: Restarting the ZVM services will interrupt any replication to or from the ZVM temporarily.