When deactivating a datastore on the recovery site, VPGs will associate with the datastore which can lead to the Recovery Storage Policy error in the ZVM GUI.

Root Cause

A datastore was decommissioned that was in use by a VPG in any of the following settings: default journal, target datastore (in the VPG level), and datastore in the VM level (recovery or journal).

After that, the VPG cannot be edited since:
  1. The "Target datastore" field is considered as a change in the VPG settings so it cannot be changed at the same time while changing the datastore in the VM level.
  2. The user cannot change only the datastore in the VM level (and leave the Target datastore as is) since the Target datastore is invalid.


The below error will be seen in the Zerto GUI:

VPG is replicating to Org vDC {orgvdc_name}, but it cannot be recovered because active datastores were removed from the storage policy: The VMs: {vm_name} replicate to the storage profile {storageprofile_name}, but it is missing the following recovery datastores: {datastore_name}


To resolve this error, either:
  1. Re-add the datastore(s) into the Storage Policy.
  2. svMotion journal disks to an appropriate datastore within the Storage Policy or add the datastore to the ZVM Site Cloud Settings, ticking the box for journal, where needed.