An administrator may want to move a VM from one VPG to another VPG. This article will cover the proper steps on how to accomplish this. VM needs to be removed from its current VPG and added to another.


To properly move a VM from one VPG to another VPG, kindly follow the steps below:
  1. Locate the VPG that contains the VM(s) that you wish to move to another VPG.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Highlight the VM(s) in the table on the Manage VPG screen and click the Remove button
  4. A warning appears stating "You are about to remove this VM from the VPG."  Click OK.
  5. Remove the VM(s) from this VPG that are to be moved to another VPG.
  6. When prompted, select the option to keep the target disks for the VM(s), then click OK. This option should be selected by default.
  7. Once completed, click Save.
  8. Navigate to the VPG to which you wish to add the previously removed VM(s) and select Edit VPG. If you are adding the VM(s) to a new VPG, select Create New VPG from the Site Summary screen.
  9. Add the VM(s) to the VPG via the "VM" tab.
  10. You will want to follow the directions in the article Preseeding Volumes. This will ensure only delta syncs are done rather than generating new mirror disks and initial syncing them/
  11. Once all volumes have been configured for the VM(s) you wish to add to the VPG, select Save.