Administrators may be protecting VMs with multiple NICs and notice when they set all of the NIC info in the VPG settings, upon return to the Edit VPG screen, the DNS Suffix field is empty.

Root Cause

This is a known issue in Zerto code where only the last NIC in the list's DNS Suffix is considered and applied.


On a VM with multiple NICs, when a DNS Suffix is set and saved via the Edit VPG wizard, the setting is gone when returning to view NIC details.


To resolve this issue, kindly follow the steps below.

Option 1:

Setting all NICs on the VM to the same DnsSuffix.

Note: The DnsSuffix of FailoverOrMove can be different from the DnsSuffix of Test, but all NICs associated with each type of Failover need to be the same.

Option 2:

Leave the NIC configuration as is, but configure a Post-Recovery script for the VPG to update the DnsSuffix after the Failover/Move/Test.