Administrator may require changing location of the datastores that Zerto is currently configured to utilize for recovery and journal volumes.

This article explains the steps to do so in a vSphere environment and does not cover RDMs.


To migrate the recovery and/or journal disks to different datastore(s), perform the following steps: 
  1. Verify all hosts in the recovery host cluster can see the new datastore(s).
  2. Determine which VPG/VM/VMDK is going to replicate to the new datastore(s).
  3. Edit the VPG -> Replication Tab -> VM Settings -> Recovery and Journal Datastore settings and select the new target datastore(s) as desired.
  4. Once complete, press Done to submit the Edit VPG changes. This will initiate a Storage vMotion of the replication data to the new datastore(s) as desired. 
  5. Repeat for each VM / VPG that requires replication data to be moved.

Note: The target vCenter environment will require licensing for VMware Storage vMotion, as that is what Zerto leverages to move the workload between datastores.