When installing/upgrading Zerto software on a Windows server, the user receives an MSI error during installation with the code 2147024894. Installation then exits without completing.

Root Cause

Likely scenarios that can cause "MSI Error 2147024894"
1. An incomplete download. The installation media may not have been completely downloaded initially.
2. A user is starting the install while the installation media is still within the zip/compressed file.
3. The Zerto software is being ran while it is not on the ZVM VM.


When attempting to run a Zerto upgrade or install the user runs into the following error:

MSI Error 2147024894


Troubleshooting Steps
  1. Extract the media from the zip/compressed file and re-attempt the install
  2. Re-download a fresh copy of the installation media from the partner portal and re-attempt the install.
  3. Open a ticket with AssureStor support