After upgrading manually a Grid DS-Client with MSSQL to 14.2 and reteining SQL Server for DS-Client internal databases, then applying a DS-Client hotfix, the option to migrate to PostgreSQL db is disabled if running again v14.2 installer.


If deciding to migrate to embedded PostgreSQL after upgrading to 14.2 with MSSQL and upgrading to a hotfix, the following steps must be followed:

1. Stop DS-Client service on all nodes

2. Run the following query on the DSC MSSQL db:

update setup set dsc_high_ver = ''

3. Search for *_pg.sql scripts under “db” subfolder (of DS-Client installation dir) on each node; copy them (if necessary) to the same path, on the node where you want to install the embedded PostgreSQL database

4. On the node where you want to install PostgreSQL database, run v14.2 installation and migrate the database to PostgreSQL

5. Once migration completes, run v14.2 installation on the remaining nodes, and provide the dsgridconfig.conf from the database node (from previous step), under DS-Client installation folder.

6. After all nodes are reconfigured to use PostgreSQL database, manually apply the most recent DS-Client hotfix again on each node (one by one).