The error message appears in the Windows Event Viewer\Windows Logs\Application after a major version upgrade or a hot fix application. The DS-Client service is either not able to start, or starts but is in standby mode.



During the upgrade or hot fix application the DS-Client binary files were applied (updated) but the DS-Client database was not properly updated.

1. Some DS-Client database patches had not been applied, and causing the DS-Client binary version mismatch.

2. The "DSC_High_Ver" field in the "dsclient" database "SETUP" table has not been properly updated or is incorrect.



1. Manually run the DS-Client upgrade installation and/or manually apply the DS-Client hot fix again that will apply the missing DS-Client database patches.

If this still fails, depending on the specific error, then manually apply the missing DS-Client database patches using MS SQL Management Studio (strongly recommended to open a support case before taking any action).

The DS-Client database patch files are either in the DS-Client installation db folder (by default C:\Program Files\CloudBackup\DS-Client\db) or in the hot fix file which needs to be extracted (change the .exe extension of the hot fix file to .zip and extract in an empty directory).

The current DS-Client database patch number can be looked up using MS SQL Management Studio to connect to the DS-Client database instance, "dsclient" database, "dbo.SETUP" table, "DB_NUMBER" field.

If DS-Client uses an embedded PostgreSQL database, please open a case in the AssureStor support portal (

2. Use MS SQL Management Studio and connect to the DS-Client database instance, "dsclient" database and open the "dbo.SETUP" table and change the "DSC_High_Ver" field to the correct current DS-Client version (e.g.