1. Error reading file disknr.vmdk You have requested access to an area of the virtual disk that is out of bounds (VixDiskLib_Read returned error code: 16007) (VMware VADP\vCenter_ip_or_name\path\disknr.vmdk)
  2. Error reading file disknr.vmdk One of the parameters supplied is invalid (VixDiskLib_Read returned error code: 16000)
    The errors are reported when running a backup for a VMWare VADP backup set.



  1. The issue is on the VMWare side and it is caused by an incorrect partition allocation on the backup target virtual machine, the partition size on that disk might be larger than the disk size.
  2. After the backup set was created, an additional vmdk has been added to the backup target vm and an existing logical partition was extended onto the new disk


  1. Recover the incorrect partition allocation by creating a new partition in a new disk then copy the data from the faulty partition to the new partition.
  2. Reboot the DS-Client computer.