This section explains the process of managing your OneDrive Online backup tasks.

If You are not in the OneDrive Online backup task Settings page, then do the following:

  1. Click the BACKUPS element from the Navigation Panel.

    The Backup Tasks page is displayed.

  2. Click the OneDrive icon from the list or enter a keyword in the Search field to find a specific task.

    The OneDrive backup task settings page is displayed.

Below the settings section, you can find the Sites management section.


The OneDrive backup task settings page displays all the OneDrive sites available for the administrator account you are using. The page displays the details such as Site, Status, Backup Size, Last Backup date, and provides the means to filter the sites and control the associated backup tasks.

You can filter sites using the following options:

  • Enter a search phrase in the Search field and click Refresh link to view all the sites containing the entered keyword in their name or URL.
  • Filter sites by statuses such as Not active, Scheduled, Success, In process, Failed, Paused, ArchivedPartial, Duplicate, etc.

Once you select at least one account with the checkbox on the left of it, you can also perform the following actions from the Action drop-down menu:


  • Click the Activate link to enable backup in all the selected sites
  • Pause – to pause the backup procedures on the selected sites
  • Backup now – to schedule the backup immediately. The backup in this case starts as soon as a backup processing machine is available (may take several minutes)
  • Delete – remove the backup task and backup data for the selected sites.

To the right of the Action drop-down menu you can find the buttons refreshSites.png and addNewSite.png.

  • The button refreshSites.png refreshes the list of sites without the need to refresh the entire Backup Settings page.
  • The button addNewSite.png can be used to manually add a SharePoint Online site using its URL. Please note that the Microsoft account you use must have an Administrator right in the added site.