This page provides a set of tools for control over the flow of the notifications. Here you can control the general settings of the notification, such as the frequency of reports (daily or weekly), their detail level (full or failures only), whether it is attached to the report email, or provided via a link.

Also, this page displays the summary of the recipients’ notification settings. You can add a new recipient with the mceclip0.pngbutton or edit/delete an existing one with themceclip1.png buttons.


Setting up a new recipient is simple:

  1. Click the + Add new recipient button
  2. Enter the Email of the recipient and the Display name. The Display name is used in the report email to address the recipient.
  3. Select the required notification types.
  4. Click SAVE button to create the new recipient. You may need to scroll to the bottom of the page in order to find the SAVEmceclip3.pngAn example of a new recipient set-up screen.