1. Now go to Applications and select Applications.mceclip0.png

    The Application page will appear

  2. Click the Add Application button and The Add Application page will appear.
  3. In the field Search you can search existing applications or create a new application. Click Create New App if you want to create a new application.
  4. In the opened page click the Add.

    The General Settings Required page will appear.

  5. Enter an application name in the Application label field.
  6. There are two application visibility options:
    Do not display application to users
    Do not display application icon in the Okta Mobile App
  7. Click the Next button.

    The Sign-On Option page will appear.

    Select the radio button required option adjacent to one of the following options:

    • User sets username and password: Password reveal is abled.
    • Administrator sets username and password: If this function is activated, thus groups can’t see their password sets. Password reveal is disabled by default.
    • Administrator sets username, user sets password: Password reveal is abled.
    • Administrator sets username, password is the same as user’s Okta password: Password reveal is disabled by default.
    • Users share a single username and password set by administrator: If you select this option you need to enter Shared Username and Shared Password for logging in a username. The password reveal is disabled by default.
  8. You also can adjust the Credential Details.

    In the field Application username format, you can select an application username format. There are few available formats:

    • Custom
    • Email
    • Email prefix
    • Okta username
    • Okta username prefix
    • None
    • In the Update application username on is available only one option Create and update.
      Password reveal option allows users to securely see their password. Okta recommends staying this option active.
  9. Click the Done button to complete the activation process.