After completed the adding applications process you can assign people. |
The Assignments page will appear.


Okta allows choosing two available options for assigning:

  • Assign to People
  • Assign to Groups

By the Search field, you can search for exact people or groups. For this enter the name people or groups and click on the button to select an exact filter.

To the right of the page, there Is a filter where you can select between People or Groups which you desire to act.

  1. By SELF SERVICE you can enable or disable the application to send a request. Click the Edit button to edit It.

    The Self Service pop up will appear:


  2. Click the Save button to save a change.
  3. Click the Assign drill down.

    If you chose Assign to People, the Assign "your application name" to People pop up will appear.

  4. To assign people click the Assign button and appear the pop up that will be specified the Information of the selected people.

    On the page, there Is Information about Credential Security, User Name, and Password of People.

    To look and modify your application click on the sign-on options link.

    The Sign on page will appear.


    If you want to edit your application settings click the Edit button. After editing your application settings do not forget to click the Update Now button to update your application settings.

    Also, there Is Sign On Policy where you can set rules to determine how users access this application.


    Here you can acquire with Sign On Policy and add a new rule by clicking the Add Rule button.

    The App Sign On Rule pop up will appear.

    In the section, Rule Name enters a description of the rule.

    If you want to disable the rule, check the checkbox.

    In the People section, you can assign who this rule applies to:

    • User assigned this app
    • The following groups and users
  5. Select the location If the user Is located In the section Location:

    • Anywhere
    • In Zone
    • Not In Zone
    • The pop up below there Is the Actions section.
    • When all the conditions are met, sign on to this application Is
    • Allowed
    • Denied
  6. Check the checkbox If you want to Prompt for re-authentication with a time period.

    Check the checkbox Allowed with multifactor authentication If you want to enable the Allowed with multifactor authentication function. By default, you need to enable at least one factor to choose this option.

  7. Click the Save button to finish adding the rule.
  8. Click the Save button and Go Back.
  9. Click the Done.

    At the end of the assigning people process, you will be able to spot assigned people.

  10. Click mceclip8.png If you want to edit people or click  mceclip9.png If you want to unassign people. The Unassign User pop up will appear.

    The Unassign User pop up Is displayed.

  11. Click Ok for unassigning People.