The resolv.conf on the VRA having those unneeded DNS IP

//resolv.conf example://
nameserver we can see that the VRA sending a "DNS lookup" request every 5 seconds.


To solve the issue:

login to the VRA using SSH. This is detailed in another knowledgebase article (search VRA SSH)

Edit the file using the "VI" command
vi /path/to/file
vi /etc/resolv.conf
Removed the 2 lines from the /etc/resolv.conf, and save it.
The expected that DNS lookup directed to those irrelevant IP's will be stopped.
For now - In the case of redeployment of the VRA - the resolv.conf will need to be re-updated.

Note: starting from VRA 7.5 it is not having those DNS settings (the resolv.conf file is empty).