Root Cause

The error os on one of the Protected-VRA and started during the VRA upgrade failure
From the VRA logs I can see that error "SCSI IO failed descriptor" and that the VRA is in a "Red state".
It was detected that no space was available on the datastore during the VRA installation attempt


After upgrading Zerto to version 7 U2P2 and upgrading the VRAs one out of 3 VRAs on VMware are not connected.
We have verified network communications between the Zerto manager and the VRA and rebooted both with no luck.


Migrate the protected VMs to a working host with a working VRA for providing a fast relief.
Add the needed space on the datastore for a fresh installation of the problematic VRA.
Validate that that the ESX Host is exposed to the data datastore.
uninstalling and reinstalling the VRA.