Root Cause

Previous operation failure had left records in the database which will prevent further operation against the same object. When the task fails, it will rollback. If the rollback also fails, then Undo logs will be leftover and the upgrade will fail. 


" ZVM peer API version checker - You cannot upgrade until ZVM has finished all his clean-up tasks. Upgrade canceled " 


In order to remedy the issue AssureStor support will need to edit the ZVM Database and remove the undo logs. In order to expedite resolution, please follow the steps below when contacting Zerto support. 
  1. Open a case and include the following 
    1. Affected ZVM name 
    2. Screenshot of the error
    3. Time stamp of the failed upgrade 
    4. reference this KB and mention in the description that you are uploading logs 
  2. Collect logs 
    1. Login to the ZVM and open the Zerto Diagnostic Utility 
    2. Include the newly created case number 
    3. Time frame - 1 hour 
    4. Alerts - None 
    5. VPGs - None
    6. Sites - only the local site 
    7. VRAs - None