You can configure the DS-Client to send email and pager notifications. 

To configure the notification settings:

1. On the Setup menu, click Configuration.

2. Click the Notification tab.

3. Under Outgoing E-mail Settings, select SMTP:

4. Under SMTP Server Settings, click [...], and then do the following:

a) In the SNMP Server box, type the DNS name or IP address of the SMTP

server that DS-Client will use.

b) In the Port box, specify the port number.

c) Enter the required authentication information.

d) Click OK.

NOTE: DS-Client will use its existing network connection when sending SMTP


5. In the From (E-Mail Address) box, type the email address that you want to be

displayed in the From field of the email message.

6. In the From (Display Name) box, type the name that you want to appear in the

From field of the email message.

MAPI: In the DS-Client messaging profile section that appears, select the

MAPI profile to use.

7. Under E-Mail Notification Subject, enter the required information. You can

enter any text in combination with optional ‘placeholder variables’.

8. Under Administrator Notification Setup, enter the required information.

9. Under Daily / Weekly Admin setup, select the required settings.

10. Click OK

NOTE: The F1 Key can be pressed at anytime for further information.