Importing VPGs via the Zerto Diagnostics using the "ExportedSettings.xml" fails.

Upgrading ZVM to more than one major version higher causes the old "ExportedSettings.xml" file to not be usable upon importing VPGs via the Zerto Diagnsotics.  Please note that importing VPGs via the Zerto Diagnostics is only supported for ExportedSettings.xml files from one release prior.

Example: If you upgraded to 7.5 you can use the ExportedSettings.xml file from 7.0 but not the ExportedSettings.xml from 6.5 to import VPGs.

In an optimal scenario all sites should be on the same version of ZVM to allow the VPG import via the Zerto Diagnostics to work as intended.



Prior to removal of VPGs, from the "VPG" screen in the ZVM GUI, simply press the "Export" button to generate a .CSV file of all VPGs.

This export file can be opened in Excel and will list out all information regarding the VPGs currently on the system, including the recover disk locations (needed to preseed).

After the VPGs are all removed and the Zerto environment is on the desired code, simply utilize the export file generated previously and then follow the steps to manually preseed on VPG creation via this KB.

If the export was not taken prior, then the only choice is to recreate manually but find the preseed disks manually in the wizard.

NOTE: Export files will not generate properly where Azure or AWS is the recovery site platform as Azure does not support manual preseed and AWS does not support preseed at all.