• ZVM to VRA ping may be successful
  • Telnet from ZVM to VRA is NOT successful
  • From the VMware Console, you see the following line repeated:
"/mnt/run/scripts/ line 3: echo: write error: No space left on device"
  • The datastore that the VRA disks are on have enough space available
  • The issue is reported usually after an upgrade
  • VRA alert via the GUI will report: Zerto Virtual Manager is not connected to VRA with IP {VRA_IP} on host {Hostname}

The /mnt/log is full at 100%. This may have gotten full due to the logs not getting rotated properly.


To recover from the error, the following steps should be performed:
1. Log into the relevant VRA.
2. Type the command 'df -h' to review the used size of the /mnt/logs mount.
3. If it is full, go into the mount by using the command cd /mnt/logs
4. Run the command 'rm core*' to delete the core log files.
5. Use 'df -h' again to verify that enough space was recovered.