Performing a silent installation of ZVR on a vCenter platform fails.

Installation logs will show an error:
Failed to execute configuration with error code -2146233088

This is due to a documentation bug in the document "vSphere and Hyper-V Installation Guide – Zerto Virtual Replication"

In the above mentioned document, the vCenter based properties listed in the table for a silent installation are listed with a capital "V" at the beginning. However, the examples incorrectly show these properties begin with a lowercase "v".

"Zerto Virtual Replication VMware Installer.exe" -s vCenterHostName={IP address} vCenterUserName={username} vCenterPassword={password}


Ensure that an uppercase "V" is used for the silent installation vCenter properties.

"Zerto Virtual Replication VMware Installer.exe" -s VCenterHostName={IP address} VCenterUserName={username} VCenterPassword={password}