Questions on how to protect and recover the ZCA EC2 instance in AWS in case of corruption or outage.




   AWS instances should be backed up just like any other machine. However if you do not have a formal AWS instance backup strategy, AWS snapshots can be used to protect a Zerto Cloud Appliance.    





-In order to make the recovery of a ZCA possible, one should configure snapshots of the ZCA’s disks. If the Windows instance becomes corrupted, you can restore the ZCA from a snapshot and then resume replication or recover replicated workloads.

-You can take EBS snapshots manually or automate the process.

-If you want to automate the snapshot process you can follow the AWS Snapshot lifecycle automation guide here:

-Snapshots should be taken every few hours because Zerto checkpoints are stored in the SQL database. Therefore, during recovery, the only checkpoints that will be available during recovery will be the ones in the SQL database. So, if you have a strict RPO of 4 hours, then you should take EBS snapshots every 4 hours or quicker.


In order to recover a ZCA from an EBS snapshot, create a disk from the snapshot:

  1. Recover the ZCA instance from EBS snapshot. To recover a disk from a snapshot, follow the AWS article:

  2. Power on the ZCA EC2 Instance and login to Windows via RDP.

  3. If your recovered ZCA has the same IP address as the original instance and is in the same region and availability zone, you can open the ZCA web interface and verify that the site is connected to the other previously connected sites.

  4. If you have changed the IP, region, Availability Zone, etc. Please contact Zerto support so that they can make changes to your configuration database to align with those new settings. 

  5. Execute Failover Test on VPG while selecting a checkpoint from before the restore.

  6. Execute Failover Test on VPG while selecting a net new checkpoint.