A file to tape job significantly slows down after some time of processing. The source disks and the Veeam database are under a low load, CPU is not overloaded either. Available RAM on the Veeam server is around 10% or lower.




When available RAM on the Veeam server reaches a certain threshold (by default, 10% of total RAM installed), .NET Framework activates frequent garbage collection operations. This leads to the freezing of Veeam Management processes.




Do the following to enable the Server Mode for garbage collection:

  1. Make sure no Veeam job is running.
  2. Disable Veeam services on the Veeam Backup & Replication machine.
  3. Navigate to the product installation folder. The default installation folder is C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\.
  4. Open the Backup subfolder.
  5. Back up the Veeam.Backup.Manager.exe.config file to avoid file corruption.
  6. Open the Veeam.Backup.Manager.exe.config file for editing.
  7. Find the <runtime> tag, create a new blank line after it and add the following element to the new empty line:
<gcServer enabled="true"/>

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For an XML example, see the following Microsoft article.

Please note that RAM consumption can increase significantly if multiple jobs run concurrently. Enabling garbage collection at the server requires additional 1-2 GB RAM for every Veeam job.