When you use the Zerto ZVM API to create a VPG, after the VPG has successfully been created the 'Protected VMS' and 'Settings' tab of the VPG are blank.

This does not affect the VPG status or failover capability.


This is a known issue that was introduced in version 7 (this has now been resolved from version 7.5 U2). The issue is caused by incorrect entries being added to 4 tables in the Cloud ZVM database, these tables relate to public cloud settings.

To fix the issue you must delete all rows in the following tables within the ZVM database.

If you protect VMs from or to public clouds (Azure and/or AWS) do not follow the following procedure

Prior to making any changes to the ZVM database please ensure you have a good backup of the database for rollback if required.

  1. Using SQL Management Studio open and connect to the ZVM database

  2. Expand the ZVM_db database and go to the Tables section

  3. Find the following tables in the order below and then Edit and remove all rows from each table

  4. Restart the 'Zerto Virtual Manager' service (and if required the 'Zerto Virtual Backup Appliance' service).

Once the above process has been completed the ZVM GUI should now display the 'Protected VMS' and 'Settings' tab data correctly