Customer asking whey the WAN compression setting are missing    




   When protecting to a cloud site, WAN compression is implemented and enabled by default.
Solution - the recommended it to keep and use the WAN Compression.

Still in case need to change the default:
It will be done on the machine running the Zerto Virtual Manager,
And you will need to apply the tweak to both protected and recovery sites.    




1. open the file C:\Program Files\Zerto\Zerto Virtual Replication\tweaks.txt
2. add a line with the tweak
3. Save the file

Tweak option:
To Disable the WAN Compression lock -add this line: "t_ZvmCloudCompressionNeverOverride=1"
To Enable the WAN Compression lock -add this line: "t_ZvmCloudCompressionOverrideValue=0"
To let the end-user, decide from the GUI - Remove the tweak line.