Error: You cannot migrate two (or more) shares to the same destination

The error may pop up when attempting to migrate a VADP backup set.


There is a duplication in backup_applications table for that backup set (dsclient database), the second row had incorrect share type (2).


1. get the info related to that set from dsclient database based on set id:

select * from backup_set where req_id=154;

in the example above the set id was 154;

2. get the server_id from servers table:

select * from servers;

3. get the info related to the backup shares from backup_applications:

select * from backup_applications where req_id=154;

4. get info on the shares from the corresponding btree table:

select * from bdir_0154;

5. delete the wrong row (duplicated) from backup_applications table:

delete from backup_applications where req_id=154 and bckappl_id=2;

After that the set could be migrated successfully (to point to the new vcenter where the backup source vm was moved).