If a Zerto Virtual Replication re-installation is required, Ghost VRA present, or if the customer decides to migrate off a Hyper-V host    




   If the customer is required to re-install Zerto, then .vhdx files will need to be preserved for pre-seed.    




1] On the recovery site, first power off all VRAs in SCVMM.  Select the VRA VM, right click, and select "Power Off".  Repeat this step for all VRAs on the recovery site.

2] After all VRAs on the recovery site have been powered off, the virtual hard disks can then be removed by selecting “Remove” in the VM "Properties" window of the VRA VM.  Repeat this step for all virtual hard disks attached to the VRA.

Note: To access the VRA VM's "Properties", right click on the VRA and select "Properties"

3] Select “NO” to prevent the .vhdx pre-seed from being deleted.

4] Move all the pre-seed disks from the VRA virtual machine folder to a different folder location.  The folders where the VRA VM is located will be recreated from scratch during the re-installation process.  It's highly important to save pre-seed disk somewhere outside the VRA folder.  Repeat this step for all other VRAs where virtual hard disks were detached.

5] Re-install Zerto.

Note: When re-creating VPGs ensure that the folder containing the .vhdx files necessary for pre-seed is visible to the Hyper-V hosts and SCVMM.  If you do not see the folder containing your pre-seeds when creating VPGs, please check to make sure that the SMB storage containing the pre-seeds is visible to Hyper-V/SCVMM.