When making changes to VMs in the Hyper-V manager, some changes, such as added disks, may not appear in Zerto Virtual Replication. Specifically, when creating a new Virtual Protection Group with this VM, or editing an existing VPG that contains the VM, new disks may not appear.    




   Because Zerto Virtual Replication integrates with the System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), any changes made through the Hyper-V manager will not show up in ZVR until the changes have been registered in SCVMM.     




To make sure the newest changes are registered in SCVMM, it's recommended to refresh the Hyper-V host and Virtual Machines in the SCVMM console after making any changes to VM configurations from the Hyper-V manager. To do this, right-click the host in SCVMM, and use the 'Refresh Virtual Machines' option.

Alternatively, SCVMM should automatically refresh this information every 24 hours.