When trying to protect virtual machines from a Hyper-V/SCVMM environment to a VMWare vSphere environment, you receive an error upon creating the VPG:

Virtual machines include disks that cannot be protected to a vSphere recovery site. To protect the VM's, the problematic disks must either be removed from the VMs or reconfigured to be a whole number of KBs. [Vm: <Virtual Machine Name> Volumes: <List of VHD(X) files affected>]



   This issue is caused by the listed VHD(X) files having a size value in SCVMM where <size in bytes> / 1024 is not a whole number (i.e. 4294999552 / 1024 = 4194335.5). vSphere environments require VMDK file sizes to be a whole number of kilobytes, so this configuration is not supported.    




To resolve this issue, it will be necessary to re-size the VHD(X) files so the size of the files equals a whole number when read as kilobytes. The easiest way to achieve this is as follows:

  1. In the Virtual Machine Manager console, power down the affected VM
  2. Open the properties of the affected VM, and navigate to 'Hardware Configuration'
  3. Find the disks mentioned in the error message
  4. Check off the option "Expand virtual hard disk (GB):" and ensure the value is at least 1 GB above the current 'Maximum size' of this disk
  5. Repeat for each disk mentioned in the error message. Once all affected disks have been changed, click 'OK' for the disk resize operation to take place
  6. Power on the VM

Once all affected VM's have been re-sized as needed, you should now be able to create a VPG containing these VM's