When creating a VPG replicating from Hyper-V to VMware, creation fails with the following error:

  • Volume extension is not supported by hypervisor: FILENAME.VHDX volumeSuffix = .VHDX




   Linux, the operating system VMware hosts run on, differentiates between filenames in capital letters and lowercase letters. Therefore, when a file extension is in capital letter instead of lowercase, VMware deems the extension to be different than expected and does not support the file type.    




In order to change the case of the file extension in Hyper-V, perform the following steps:

  1. Shut down the source VM
  2. Detach the virtual disks files from the VM
  3. Rename the vhdx file to use lowercase characters
  4. Re-attach the virtual disks to the source VM
  5. Power on the VM

After that, the VM can be used when creating a VPG.