Recently RabbitMQ is installed without granted users, in order to connect Zerto to vCD you will have to create user manually.    




   An administrator may need to create RabbitMQ user for his/her cloud environment.    




Prerequisites: Erlang + RabbitMQ installed.
1. Log in to the VM RabbitMQ is installed on.
2. Open RabbitMQ Command Prompt.
3. Run the following commands:
A. rabbitmqctl add_user <username> <password> (That syntax will create a new user.)
B. rabbitmqctl set_user_tags <username> administrator (That syntax will make the user an administrator)
C. rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p / <username> ".*' ".*" ".*" (That syntax will set permissions for the user, the "/" stands for the v-host, by default set to "/")