A grid DS-Client with 3 nodes failed to upgrade to v13.3, only one node upgraded successfully, the other two failed and were left to v13.1.
The reason for the failure was that a DS-Client hotfix ( containing database patches #320 to 326 was placed in the Upgrade folder of DS-System online storage, when the first grid node upgraded to v13.3, it also applied the hotfix before the remaining two nodes had a chance to upgrade, as a result the upgrade for the remaining nodes failed since the db_number was too high for v13.3 installer (expected value 319, actual value 326 due to hotfix applied on the first node).


  1. Stop the DS-Client service on all three nodes
  2. Change db_number value from 326 to 319 in setup table (dsclient database) via SQL Management Studio
  3. Run the v13.3 DS-Client installer on the two nodes that failed to upgrade, in the last screen of the upgrade wizard we deselected the option 'start ds-client' service and 'open ds-user;;
  4. Change back the db_number to 326
  5. Apply win ds-client hotfix on the two nodes just upgraded (on the first node the hotfix was already applied automatically after auto-upgrade)
  6. Start the DS-Client service on all three grid nodes.