Using your Office 365 Site Collection admin credentials, you can activate backups for SharePoint Online Team Site, Public Site, Private Site Collections and OneDrive for Business Sites.

To begin, from the Backups page click on “Add Backup Task” and then click on the SharePoint Online line.


Note: If you use multi-factor authentication with Office 365, you will need to use OAuth based authorization (requires a Global Admin account).

You can use OAuth or Credentials based authorization methods.

For OAuth based authorization enter the SharePoint high-level URL ( in the SharePoint URL field, then click AUTHENTICATE IN MICROSOFT button to continue.


For Credentials based authorization enter your Site Collection Admin user name and password, and enter the SharePoint high-level URL ( in the SharePoint URL field. Then click APPLY button to continue.


Note: saas2cloud will automatically assign admin permission to SharePoint sites when using a SharePoint Admin account.

The screen will refresh and you will see a list of all related SharePoint sites for your tenant. You can click on “Activate All” in the upper right to activate backups for all SharePoint sites, or select the individual sites you want to backup by clicking on the arrow icon to the right of each site URL.

Activating SharePoint or OneDrive Backups4.2

You can also add sites manually if needed by clicking on “Add” button in the upper right and then entering the individual SharePoint URL.